Safety Tips About Erecting Scaffolding

Scaffolding safety has been a serious problem since there are more and more scaffolding accidents all over the world. Lots of customers ask the question: how to erect scaffolding safely?  when they buy scaffolding for the first time. If you don't know how to use scaffolding safely, there are some tips for you to follow:


#1 Before erecting scaffolding, please refer to safety regulations and standards for design and assembly requirements.

#2 Choose the right scaffold system for the construction project.

#3 Erecting all scaffold accessories according to the manufacturer's instructions.


There are several principles you need to notice when selecting scaffold :

A. The building height. The height of the scaffolding needs to match the building’s height.

B. Type and duration of work. Different kinds of work need different kinds of scaffolding.

C. Range of weather conditions. Weather conditions decide the scaffolding use which kind of material or manufacturing technology.

D. Weight of workers, materials, and equipment.

E. Location.


#4 Requirements for pedestrian traffic.

#5 Erect scaffold on a base that will support all the loads that will be applied including materials and equipment.

#6 Make sure the base collar is compact and level. Replace mud and soft soil with gravel or crushed stone.

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