Company Culture

Corporate philosophy: quality, service, demand, win-win situation

Core Values: Creativity, Innovation, Creation

Corporate strategic view: forward-looking, original and leading thinking

Service values: Not seeking the best, only seeking better, not seeking to do further, only seeking to be closest to you

Corporate policy: full participation, precision and efficiency, continuous improvement

Enterprise spirit: Carrying personal ideals, pursuing corporate progress, and creating a better life

Code of Conduct: Never be satisfied, create classics, be refined and stronger, be perfect

Team concept: Seek common ground while reserving differences, unite and cooperate, share weal and woe。

Mission of Binghui Group

For the world green building, professional casting every steel pipe

[Binghui Group Vision]

Century Binghui, sharing a happy life

[Benghui Group Strategy]

Service customers over 10000, annual sales over one million tons

[Business Operation]

Value first, pragmatic and trustworthy
Quality innovation, efficiency first
Fully empowered, results-oriented
Teamwork, benefit sharing

[Core Values]

To be honest and trustworthy, customer first