Portal scaffolding is the earliest type of scaffolding used in China. Contains through the door frame and ladder frame, also known as the frame door frame. The door frame is made of a main steel pipe with an outside diameter of 42 x 2.2 mm. The components include the door frame, cross support, connecting pins, and pedals.
Portal frame scaffolding is a kind of fast-loading portal frame, which is mainly locked by fixed hinge and cross support.
For mobile scaffolding towers, the gantry is used with casters and adjustable bases.



GB portal scaffold

Product Features:
* Material specification: steel pipe Q235, door frame main pipe OD.42x2.2mm
* Gantry width: 1219 mm (4 '), 914mm (3')
* Fixed Lock: Single Axle Pin Lock (Flip Lock)
* Fixed lock spacing: 1219 mm (4 '), 914mm (3'), 610mm (2 '), 280mm (11 “)
* Surface treatment: hot dip zinc, electrolytic zinc plating, paint, electrostatic powder spraying

Product details:
Door frame
Walk Thru Frame / H Frame
Product CodeProduct DescriptionDimensions
CNF.TF.1219 Door frame 1219 x1930mm Ø42x2.2mm, Ø25x1.2mm
CNF.TF.1217 Door Frame 1219 x 1700mm
CNF.TF.1215 Door Frame 1219 x 1524mm
CNF.TF.0919 Door Frame 914 x 1930mm
CNF.TF.0917 Door Frame 914 x 1700mm
CNF.TF.0915 Door Frame 914 x 1524mm

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