3PE corrosion resistant steel pipe

  • FOB Price : $100-$300/PCS
  • Min.Order Quantity : 1*20GP
  • Supply Ability : 4500 Ton/Year
  • Loading Port : Tianjin port/Guangzhou port

1,3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion structure:
First layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100um)
Second layer adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250um
Third layer polyethylene (PE) 1.8 ~ 3.7mm (ordinary grade to reinforced grade)
The three materials are integrated and firmly combined with the steel pipe to form an excellent anticorrosion layer. (φ30mm-φ1020mm)
Three-layer polyethylene anticorrosion is one of the main external anticorrosion technology systems of buried pipeline at home and abroad. It has good anticorrosion performance, low water absorption, high mechanical strength, etc. In recent years, it has been more and more widely used in buried water, gas and oil pipelines in China.
2, the implementation of standards:
GB / T23257-2009 "Technical Standard for Polyethylene Anti-corrosion Coating for Buried Steel Pipeline," SY / T0413-2002 "Buried steel pipe polyethylene anticorrosive coating technical standard," DIN30670-91 Germany "polyethylene coating technical standard for steel pipe and pipe fittings," CAN / CSA-Z245.21-M92 Canada "polyethylene anticorrosive coating technical standard for steel pipe outer wall"

3, product features:
1, long life polyethylene pipe molecule is the highest, with good stability and aging resistance, under normal operating temperature and pressure conditions, the service life can be guaranteed for more than 50 years.
2, corrosion resistance polyethylene molecular structure stability is extremely high, resistant to natural gas, liquefied gas, artificial gas and other chemical corrosion, no secondary anti-corrosion equipment. The chemicals present in the soil will not have any degradation effect on the pipe.
3, good flexibility polyethylene pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break of more than 500%. The flexibility of polyethylene pipe makes it easy to bend. In engineering, it can bypass obstacles by changing the direction of the pipe, and in many cases, the flexibility of the pipe can reduce the amount of pipe fittings and reduce installation costs.
4, with excellent impact resistance, earthquake resistance polyethylene low temperature embrittlement temperature is very low, can be safely used in the temperature range of -60 °C ~ 60 °C, the pipe base uneven settlement has a very strong adaptability. In cold weather construction, the pipe will not crack because of the good impact resistance of the material.
5, good wear resistance test shows that the wear resistance of polyethylene pipe is 4 times that of steel pipe, especially in the field of slurry transportation, compared with steel pipe, polyethylene pipe has better wear resistance.
6 、 The pipe has a smooth internal surface area, the Manning coefficient is 0. 009. The smooth internal surface area and non-adhesive property of polyethylene pipe ensure that the pipe has a higher transport capacity than the traditional pipe, but also reduce the pressure loss and water energy consumption.
7, good environmental performance polyethylene pipe in the processing process does not add heavy metal stabilizer, the material is non-toxic and harmless, is a green pipe material, and polyethylene material itself can be recycled, will not pollute the environment.
8, good flame retardant, antistatic performance Our company has developed a flame retardant, antistatic polyethylene pipe, suitable for specific places such as flammable and explosive.
9, safe and reliable connection method Polyethylene pipe is mainly used for hot solution or electric melting connection. Essentially maintain the interface material, structure and pipe itself identity, to achieve the joint and pipe integration, can effectively resist the internal pressure generated by the hoop stress and axial tension stress, no water leakage, air leakage worries.
10, light weight, easy handling, simple construction The proportion of polyethylene pipe is only 1 / 8 of the steel pipe, easy handling, easy bending, simple and rapid welding process, low comprehensive cost of the project, with significant economic benefits.
Technical knowledge:
The main control points in the production of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes:
1, surface treatment quality;
2, coating temperature and epoxy powder curing time.
Main quality problems of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe:
1, anti-corrosion layer bonding failure;
(2) The anti-corrosion layer at the weld is thinned;
3. Bubbles.
Causes of air bubbles in 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes:
Misalignment, roller hardness, position and pressure
Pressure roller problems lead to weld, pipe head position, sometimes in the blank holder position, or even any location, resulting in bubbles.
The error range exceeds the ability of the roller to exclude bubbles, and the lower end of the pipe will produce bubbles.
Corrosion Protection of Elbow
The outer anticorrosive coating of the earliest hot-boiled elbow was respectively protected by the imported liquid epoxy resin wrapped around the central plastic polypropylene reinforced fiber tape.
Heat shrink sleeve
Single layer FBE tape protection
Double layer FBE
The comprehensive performance can not reach the anti-corrosion level of 3PE, but the cost is much higher.

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately, email: sales@building-decoration.com


If you have any questions, please contact us immediately, email: sales@building-decoration.com