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GATE SCAFFOLD ALSO KNOWN AS: GATE SCAFFOLD GATE SCAFFOLD GATE FRAME SCAFFOLD GATE-FRAME SCAFFOLD DOOR--TYPE FRAME This kind of scaffolding mainly has the main frame, the horizontal frame, the cross inclined support, the foot hand board, the adjustable base and so on. Portal scaffolding by the United States first developed successfully, to the early 1960s, Europe, Japan and other countries have applied and developed this type of scaffolding. It has the characteristics of simple assembly and disassembly, good bearing performance, safe and reliable use, etc., the development speed is very fast, the portal scaffold in a variety of new scaffolding, the development of the earliest, the use is also the most, in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, its use accounts for about 50% of all kinds of scaffolding. Since the late 1970s, China has introduced and used this kind of scaffolding from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries.

Features of Door Type Scaffolding Multiple Uses
1. It is used for supporting the roof in formwork of buildings, halls, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.
2. For the high-rise building internal and external grid scaffolding.
3. For mechanical and electrical installation, hull repair and other decoration works of the mobile working platform.
4. The use of portal scaffolding with a simple roof frame, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, warehouse or shed.
5. Used for temporary viewing platforms and stands.
Easy to assemble and disassemble
1. Ordinary workers can freely insert, cover and hang six kinds of installation.
2. The maximum weight of a single piece does not exceed 20 kg, so it is easy to lift, assemble and transport. High efficiency installation and disassembly only need to be carried out with bare hands, greatly improving the efficiency, and the installation and disassembly of portal scaffolding is 1 / 2 time faster than the fastener steel pipe frame, and 2 / 3 time faster than the bamboo scaffolding.
Safe and reliable
1. Good overall performance: equipped with foot pedal, parallel frame, buckle wall tube, horizontal and cross tie rod tube and other vertical and horizontal lock device.
2. Bearing force is reasonable: the vertical pressure is directly borne by the riser, and the performance indicators meet the construction needs.
3. Good fire performance, all the main frame and accessories are steel products.
Cheap and practical
1. According to the user and domestic and foreign information, if the door frame is well maintained, it can be reused more than 30 times, and the bamboo and wood frame is incomparable.
2. The gate-type scaffolding uses 50% less weight per unit area than the fastener type steel pipe frame, and the cost of each dismantling is 1 / 2 of the steel pipe frame and 1 / 3 of the bamboo and wood frame, the ergonomics and benefits are significant, and the higher the benefit of the building, the better.
Specifications Model:
Door frame (upper shelf):

42 × 1219 × 914 (mm)

42 × 1219 × 490 (mm)

42x1219 × 430 (mm)

Door frame (lower shelf):

42x1219 × 1930 (mm)

42x1219x1700 (mm)

42x1219 × 1524 (mm)

Ladder frame: 42x1219 × 1930 (mm)

42 × 1219 × 1700 (mm)

42x1219 × 1219 (mm)

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