Plastic Lined Steel Pipe Product type: steel lined plastic pipe (PE, PO, PP) Item Model: DN15-1600

Product Name: Plastic Lined Steel Pipe
Product type: steel lined plastic pipe (PE, PO, PP)
Item Model: DN15-1600

Production Technology of Plastic Lined Steel Pipe
Plastic-lined steel pipe is a pipe lined with plastic products inside the pipe, which is mainly divided into two forms: lined with plastic and lined with plastic. Its production process is mainly divided into the following steps:
Pipe surface treatment: the pipe surface treatment, remove rust and impurities, ensure the surface finish and level up degree, lay the foundation for the follow-up process.

Spraying primer: In order to increase the adhesion between the plastic lining material and the steel pipe, a layer of primer can be sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe, which also plays a role in corrosion protection.
Production of plastic products: select the appropriate plastic raw materials, through mixing, heating, extrusion and a series of processes to produce plastic lining inside and outside the pipeline.
Filled steel pipe: Insert the plastic pipe into the steel pipe to ensure that the plastic pipe is in close contact with the steel pipe.
Curing: Through heating or natural curing, the plastic material is closely combined with the steel pipe to form an integrated lined plastic steel pipe.
PO steel lining plastic straight pipe testing: testing the technical indicators to ensure that the quality of products meet the standard requirements.
Packaging: the production of good plastic lined steel pipe packaging to ensure that in the transport and storage process is not damaged.
The production process of plastic lined steel pipe is complex and requires strict process control and technical requirements to ensure product quality and safety and reliability.

Construction method of plastic lined steel pipe
The construction method of plastic lined steel pipe is similar to that of ordinary steel pipe or plastic pipe, which mainly includes the following steps:
Site preparation: determine the construction plan, prepare the necessary construction equipment and tools, conduct on-site safety inspections and environmental protection measures.
Pipe trench excavation: according to the design requirements, pipe trench excavation to ensure that the depth and width of the trench meet the requirements, while protecting the site environment and nearby buildings.
Installation bracket: According to the design requirements of the pipeline, install bracket at the bottom of the groove to ensure that the pipeline can be firmly fixed on the bracket.
Pipeline installation: According to the design requirements, pipeline installation shall be carried out step by step according to the pipeline construction plan, including connection, fixing and acceptance.
Pipeline connection: According to the different pipe materials and connection methods, the corresponding connection methods, such as welding, flange connection, clamp connection, etc.
Pipeline fixing: Fix the installed pipeline, including bracket fixing, steel wire binding, windproof fixing, etc., to ensure the stability and safety of the pipeline.
Pipeline acceptance: the installation of the completed pipeline acceptance, check whether the pipeline connection is solid, whether the pipeline meets the design requirements.
Pipeline Test: According to PO steel lined plastic pipeline design requirements and related standards, conduct water pressure test or air pressure test and other pipeline tests to ensure the safety of the pipeline.
Pipeline protection: protection and maintenance of pipelines, such as anti-corrosion and corrosion treatment, coating protective layer, installation of shockproof devices, etc.
The construction method of plastic lining steel pipe needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the specific situation to ensure the construction quality and safety. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the environmental protection and safety production at the construction site to ensure that the environment and personnel are not harmed during the construction process.

Plastic lined steel pipe
Plastic-lined steel pipe is a kind of pipe made of steel pipe lined with plastic layer, which has good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It is mainly used to transport corrosive medium and high temperature and high pressure medium. The main parameters of the plastic lined steel pipe include the following aspects:
Outer diameter and wall thickness: The outer diameter and wall thickness of the plastic lined steel pipe are important parameters to measure its strength and pressure resistance. The size of the outer diameter and wall thickness depends on the conditions of use of the pipeline and the nature of the transport medium.
Steel pipe material: The outer layer of plastic lined steel pipe is usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The choice of steel pipe material needs to be considered according to the nature of the medium and the conditions of use of the pipeline.

Lining Material: The inner layer of PO lined plastic pipes is made of polymer materials. Common lining materials include polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), etc. Different lining materials have different corrosion resistance and temperature ranges.
Liner thickness: liner thickness of plastic steel pipe liner determines its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength for the transport medium. The thickness of the liner needs to be selected according to the nature of the medium and the conditions of use of the pipeline.
Connection mode: The connection mode of plastic lined steel pipe mainly includes welding, flange connection, casing connection, etc. Different connection modes have different application scope and connection strength.
Temperature and pressure range: The use temperature and pressure range of plastic lined steel pipe depends on the performance of the steel pipe and lining material and the use conditions of the pipe.
Length and standard: The length and standard of plastic steel pipe need to meet the relevant national standards and industry specifications to ensure its quality and safety performance.
It should be noted that different steel pipes have different parameters and properties, which need to be selected and determined according to the actual situation. At the same time, the production and use of plastic steel pipes need to follow the relevant standards and specifications to ensure their quality and safety performance.

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