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Plastic-lined composite pipe
Plastic-lined composite pipe is a steel-plastic composite pipe which is based on hot-dip galvanized pipe and is lined with thin-walled plastic pipe on the inner wall of the steel pipe. The welded steel pipe with straight seam base pipe shall comply with the provisions of GB / T3091-2015; The base pipe is galvanized, and the galvanized layer is divided into 300 g zinc and 500 g zinc. The base pipe for seamless steel pipe shall comply with GB / T8163. Therefore, the implementation standard of the lined plastic composite pipe has GB / T3091-2015 "welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation" and GB / T28897-2012 "steel-plastic composite pipe." It has both the mechanical properties of steel pipes and the corrosion resistance of plastic pipes. The utility model has the advantages of three times service life of an ordinary galvanized pipe, smooth inner wall, small fluid resistance in the pipe, no scaling, no breeding of microorganisms, and no secondary pollution of the fluid. The utility model is an ideal pipeline for transporting fine drinking water, acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas, etc. The diameter of the plastic lined composite pipe has been based on the standard nominal diameter from DN15 to DN300, or even larger. The length of the fixed length is as above 6000 mm. The allowable deviation is + 2 mm. According to the transport medium can be divided into cold water with plastic lining pipe and hot water with plastic lining tube. The inner plastic layer of the cold water lined plastic pipe is PE, and the bonding strength between the base pipe and the inner plastic layer is not less than 1.0MPa. Hot water with plastic lining pipe plastic layer for heat-resistant polyethylene code PE-RT, the base pipe and the plastic lining between the bonding strength of not less than 1.5MPa. As a pressure water supply material according to the wall thickness of the base pipe different compression capacity of 1.6MPa and 2.5MPa.


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