What are the Requirements For Galvanized Scaffolding Steel Planks?

The Galvanized Scaffolding Steel Plank is widely used in scaffolding systems and formwork systems for supporting construction materials and construction workers.

We also call scaffolding steel planks scaffolding steel boards, steel boards, scaffolding catwalk planks, etc.

The galvanized scaffolding steel plank has advantages of fire resistance, sand accumulation, lightweight, high compressive strength, an I-shaped design on both sides, and other features.

The Requirements For Galvanized Scaffolding Steel Planks

Galvanized Scaffolding Steel Planks play an important role in construction industries, so their quality must be strictly controlled during the production process.

The surface of the scaffolding steel board must be flat, and the deflection should not exceed 5.0mm. The triangle-shaped groove with better stability is selected on the board's surface, which is more planned than the third-generation hot-dip galvanized trapezoidal groove. It is more resistant to compression and stability.

Put the steel planks on the standard plane, the blind corners of the four corners of the board are staggered, and it should not exceed 5.0mm.

The burrs at the edge of the steel platforms must be cleaned.

The back of the scaffolding steel boards is embedded with a slotted stiffening rib every 500~700mm. The stiffener distance error of the steel boards should not exceed 0.5mm, and the endplate size error should not exceed 2.0mm.

The welds of the scaffolding steel planks must not be less than 2.0mm, and the width of the welds should not be less than 2.0mm. The length of each continuous welding seam of the stiffener should not be less than 10mm, and the welding seam should not be less than 10. The stiffening ribs are selected by spot welding. The length of the welding joint is ≥15mm, the welding joint is ≥6, and the welding seam height is ≥2mm. The welding of the endplate head should be more than 7 welding points, especially the reinforced welding on both sides, and the welding seam height is 3mm as the technical requirement.

The surface of the steel springboard should be degreasing and dedusting, and then dedusting. It is required to apply primer once and topcoat once, and the thickness of each paint film should not be less than 25μm.

Each batch of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets entering the factory must issue a raw material statement or a testing statement issued by a testing organization.


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