How to Choose the Best Scaffolding Plank?

According to world labor organization statistics, many scaffold accidents are attributed to scaffolding plank giving way.


Because you are concerned about the safety of workmen, you can't afford to have even one off-grade plank on the job.


Because you are concerned about financial security for your company, you can't afford to keep replacing ordinary plank that won't hold up.

Therefore, you want the best value from your investment in the scaffolding plank. You should choose the best scaffolding plank with high quality and competitive price.

First of all, you may need to take consideration of the quality of the scaffolding plank. As we all know that it is used for supporting construction workers or materials, so it is closely connected with the safety of workers. Ensure that the scaffolding plank is certificated by OSHA.


Second, regular inspection to avoid the damage. Inspect each scaffolding plank thoroughly for damage and sign of aging. You are advised to inspect the scaffolding plank covered with paint or other materials since it may have concealed damage. You should discard such kind of scaffolding planks to avoid the danger.


Third, there are various kinds of scaffolding planks both at home and abroad and you are advised to choose scaffold-grade planks actually. Planks that have been used to support scaffolding in mud, like ramps for wheelbarrows or to form a dry driving area in muddy conditions may be structuring compromised.


Fourth, take consideration of the load capacity of the scaffolding. There are scaffolding planks with different ratings. Different ratings may include light, or heavy-duty to support different weights. You should know the maximum weight capacity of the plank and decide whether it can satisfy your construction requirements.


Fifth, you can lay the scaffolding plank you selected over the end supports of the scaffolding frame. Ensure that any knots on the planks are facing up so they support weight better actually. You need to inspect or check it even when you using it. Checking it regularly will make it better for you to ensure safety.