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What are scaffolding fasteners, what are the types and types of scaffolding fasteners?

Scaffolding is commonly used in construction engineering. This structure can effectively improve the efficiency of construction engineering. It is also an indispensable basic auxiliary facility for architecture. Scaffolding fasteners are a kind of parts used to fix scaffolding. Scaffolding fasteners play an important role in maintaining the safety of construction personnel. So, what are the types of scaffolding fasteners?
What is a scaffolding fastener?

Scaffolding refers to all kinds of supports installed for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation at the construction site. The general term used in the construction industry refers to the use of construction sites in areas where external walls, interior decoration or higher levels cannot be directly constructed. Mainly for the construction personnel up and down work or peripheral encirclement and high altitude installation components, to put it bluntly, scaffolding materials are usually bamboo, wood, steel pipe or composite materials. Some projects are also used as formwork with scaffolding, and are also widely used in advertising, municipal, traffic, roads, bridges, mines and other departments.
Scaffolding fasteners generally refer to the intermediate connecting parts of the two components. In construction engineering, they are mostly used to fix the steel pipe foothands with the outer diameter Φ 48mm. The function is to fix the rail to the sleeper, to maintain the gauge and to prevent the rail from moving vertically and horizontally relative to the sleeper. On the track of concrete sleeper, because the elasticity of concrete sleeper is poor, the fastener still needs to provide enough elasticity. To this end, the fastener must have sufficient strength, durability, and a certain degree of elasticity, and effectively maintain a reliable connection between the rail and the sleeper. In addition, it is also required that there are fewer parts of the fastener system, simple installation and easy disassembly.
2. What are the types and types of scaffolding fasteners?
1. Types
There are many kinds of scaffolding fasteners, such as new fasteners, steel pipe scaffolding fasteners, cast steel fasteners, T-shaped building fasteners, concrete pillow fasteners, wooden pillow fasteners, rail fasteners, Foselow fasteners, Maangang fasteners, scaffolding fasteners, railway fasteners, steel plate stamping fasteners, docking fasteners, rotating fasteners, right angle fasteners. Steel fasteners are generally divided into cast steel fasteners and steel plate stamping, hydraulic fasteners. The production technology of cast steel fasteners is about the same as cast iron, while steel plate stamping and hydraulic fasteners are made of 3.5-5mm steel plate through stamping and hydraulic technology. All kinds of properties of steel buckle parts are superior, such as fracture resistance, skid resistance, deformation resistance, anti-stripping, rust resistance and so on. At present, the large cast iron fastener manufacturers are concentrated in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, with a market share of about 80%, while the market share of steel fasteners is about 5-10%, and the main manufacturers are distributed in Hebei, Chongqing, Xinjiang and other places.

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The cold pressing structure of all steel is advanced, the cold pressing molding of all steel plate, the strength and toughness exceed the national standard and international standard, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of scaffolding collapse caused by the fracture of old fastener. It ensures the surface bonding state of steel pipe and fastener, and the bonding area is large, which avoids the hidden danger of steel pipe slippage and eliminates the hidden danger of steel pipe slippage, thus ensuring and improving the overall mechanical and safety properties of scaffolding. It ensures that under the condition of steel pipe displacement, the fastener can always be fixed vertically, correctly and firmly, which eliminates the possibility of steel pipe slippage. After passivation and galvanizing double anti-rust treatment, the corrosion resistance of the whole piece is greatly improved, and the life of the whole piece is much longer than that of the old fastener. The fastener is light and beautiful, the loading and unloading speed increases, and the labor intensity decreases.
There are many kinds of scaffolding fasteners, different types are made according to different technologies, different types of scaffolding fasteners are suitable for different types of scaffolding, as long as the quality, fixed and strong scaffolding fasteners can protect the safety of workers, at the same time speed up the process of construction engineering, the classification basis of scaffolding fasteners has many directions.

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