Coated steel pipe (epoxy resin EP)

Name: Coated steel pipe
Product implementation standard: GB / T28897-2021
Base pipe: straight seam welded steel pipe
Coating: Epoxy resin (EP)
Length: 6 m / branch
Nominal caliber: DN20 ~ DN300


Product Features:
1. Good corrosion resistance. Epoxy resin coating has excellent anticorrosion performance, acid and alkali resistance, no need to do internal and external anticorrosion treatment.
2. Good mechanical strength. It has the rigidity exceeding the strength of plastic pipe, the expansion coefficient and creep resistance of similar steel pipe, the impact of steel and plastic is not separated, and has anti-static performance and beautiful appearance.
3. Excellent fire protection. Epoxy resin (EP) material has high temperature resistance, and the coating has no phenomenon such as shedding, bulging and cracking.
4. Low fluid resistance. The inner wall is smooth, the resistance coefficient is small, wear-resistant, no scale.
5. Stable pressure performance. The intact steel pipe layer is the main bearing layer of the matrix, and the pressure resistance of the pipe is not affected by the change of the performance of the plastic layer.
Product Application Areas:
Coated steel pipe is widely used in: fire sprinkler, gas, petroleum, chemical corrosion, buried inside and outside the corrosion, cable inside and outside corrosion, desulfurization corrosion, anti-static flame retardant corrosion and other fluid transport.

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