Water Supply Coated Plastic Composite Steel Pipe (Inner Coated PE)


Product Name: Plastic Coated Composite Steel Pipe for Water Supply
Product implementation standard: GB / T28897-2012
Base Tube: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe
Inner coating: Polyethylene (PE)
Length: 6 m / branch
Nominal caliber: DN15 ~ DN300
Product Features:
1. Good corrosion resistance. The inner wall of the plastic coated steel pipe has strong adhesion, high compactness, good corrosion resistance and can effectively prolong the service life of the pipe. In the general environment, galvanized layer up to the normal corrosion requirements, when the use of the environment is more harsh (such as acidic environment) can be used inside and outside coated with plastic layer of composite steel pipe.
2. Good mechanical strength. The plastic-coated steel pipe has the same excellent mechanical strength as the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, and has a strong bearing capacity to impact, bending, pressure and strength of the external influence.
3. Good sanitary performance. The inner wall is made of polyethylene plastic pipe, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to water, health standards in line with the national drinking water pipeline standards.
4. Low fluid resistance. The inner wall of the plastic-coated composite steel pipe is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the scale is not easy to accumulate, the fluid resistance is small, and the water flow is not blocked.
Product Application Areas:
Plastic-coated composite steel pipes are widely used in civil water supply, industrial water supply, fire pipeline, communication circuit, fiber optics cable, gas transportation and food processing.
Medical, mechanical and other fields, is the ideal pipeline products for urban high-quality water supply.

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