Plastic-lined composite steel pipe is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe

1. Cold water pipe: hot galvanized steel pipe, lined with polyethylene (PE) white plastic pipe composite, can transport 65 ° C below the fluid.
2. Hot pipe: hot galvanized steel pipe, lined with polyethylene (PE--RT) and red plastic pipe composite, can transport hot water fluid below 93 ° C.
II. Product standards for plastic lined composite pipes
1. Performance standard: GB / T28897-2012 steel plastic composite pipe.
2. Adopt hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, the weight of galvanized coating is not less than 300g / m2.
3. Standard: GB / T3091-2008Welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluids-Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of seamless steel pipe for fluids-GB / T8163-2008.
4. Material: Q235A.B Conventional pressure: 1.0Mpa-2.5Mpa
5. GB / T13663-22-000 Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply.
III. Introduction to the scope of use and connection methods of plastic lined composite pipe products
1. Scope of use: steel pipe for conveying drinking water, hot and cold water, air conditioning water, compressed air and other media.
2. Product connection
Screw connection trench connection flange connection
3. Its marking code is: SP-C- (PE) cold water composite steel pipe
SP-VR-PE-RT Hot Water Composite Steel Pipe

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