Construction Galvanized Tunnel Steel Springboard Bridge Tunnel Construction Outer Frame Scaffolding Treads Shield Walkway Plate Bracket

Steel springboard with light weight and compression; Special design, forming standard beautiful, convex hole effect is good, and through the design, paving easy, laying flat, channel smooth flat, both sides of the anti-falling protection in place.
Steel springboard with, anti-accumulation sand, light weight, alkali and compression resistance, Surface concave and convex holes, two sides of the I-shaped design effect is particularly significant than similar products, the hole spacing regular molding standard, beautiful appearance, the bottom of the sand-leakage hole process played a role in preventing sand accumulation, especially suitable for the use of paint sandblasting workshop in shipyards. When using steel springboard, the steel pipe for scaffolding can be appropriately reduced and the construction efficiency can be improved. The price is lower than that of wood, and the advantages of 35% -40% investment can be recovered after scrapping.

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