Spot materials of construction, anti-skid punching hook foot springboard

Between the steel springboard and the steel springboard, use a 180mm high kick board, the kick board is painted black and yellow, and screw the kick board in each of the 3 holes. In this way, the steel springboard can be fixed between the steel plank and the springboard. After the connection is completed, the materials of the platform should be strictly checked and accepted, and the test should be carried out after the platform is completed. After the installation is completed, it can be put into use only after passing the inspection and acceptance.
Steel springboard is a kind of construction equipment in the construction industry. Generally can be called steel hand board, construction steel springboard, steel pedal, galvanized steel springboard, hot-dip galvanized steel pedal, by the majority of shipbuilding industry, oil platform, electricity, construction industry consistent high praise and is promoted. Steel springboard unique row convex hole description, not only can reduce its own weight, but also play a anti-skid, anti-deformation. I-shaped description on both sides increases the fastness and strength, anti-sand, but also makes its appearance beautiful and durable. The unique shape of the steel springboard makes it easier to tie up and set up.

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