Wholesale PN16 American Standard ASMEB16.5 Carbon Steel Flat Welded Flange European Standard Ship Standard Thickened Australian Standard Iron Flange

The company specializes in the production of elbows, tees, elbows, reducers, caps, flanges, sockets and other pipe fittings
Product. According to GB, ASME, D 1 N, S, EN and domestic HG, GD, SH, SY. DL and other industry standards
, production, and can also be processed according to the special requirements provided by users. Products are widely used in nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry,
Industries such as power plants, heat, gas, water transmission, and shipbuilding. The company has non-destructive testing, ultrasound testing, and universal testing
The test machine, the impact test machine, the direct reading of the optical spectrum imported from Germany, the physical test and the physical and chemical laboratory are complete
Quality and safety inspection system · The product quality is subject to a three-level inspection system and a veto system to ensure that the products leave the factory Zygotic testicles 100%.

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