Foshan factory fire hydrant galvanized pipe Q235B hot dip galvanized thin wall through small diameter zinc pipe

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Plastic-lined composite steel pipe is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe

1. Cold water pipe: hot galvanized steel pipe, lined with polyethylene (PE) white plastic pipe composite, can transport 65 ° C below the fluid. 2. Hot pipe: hot galvanized steel pipe, lined with polyethylene (PE--RT) and red plastic pipe compos...



Various Sizes of Galvanized Pipes

Thickness: 1-200 mm; Or on request Length: 2000-16000 mm, or on request Dimensions: 16-1020 mm; (1 / 2inch ~ 40inch) Size Process: Hot Rolling or Cold Rolling Galvanized coating: pre-galvanized steel pipe: 60-150 g / m2 Hot dip galvanized ste...



Characteristics and Application of Plastic Lined Composite Steel Pipe for Water Supply

Water Supply Lined Plastic Pipe (Hot Water Lined PE-X) Product Name: Water Supply Lined Plastic Composite Steel Pipe (Hot Water Lined PE-X) Product implementation standard: GB / T28897-2021 Base Tube: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Lining: Poly...